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  • Free linen.
  • Free towels.
  • Free security safe boxes.
  • Free baggage storage.
  • Lockers.
  • No hiden costs.
  • We are Youth Hostels in Valencia with lots of experience.
  • Our customers reviews rank our Hostel amongst the top rated hostels in Europe.
  • Red Nest Youth Hostel offers you a wide range of facilities, that borders the unusual.
  • Red Nest Youth Hostel offers you the best and biggest guest kitchen in Valencia.
  • We have the most spacious dorm rooms in the city and almost in whole Europe.
  • Red Nest Youth Hostel is 24 hours there for you and our travel info boards are always very helpful.
  • Awesome Decoration in rooms and common areas.
  • Located in one of the most important streets in modernism art in Valencia.
  • Very close to all the pub and night-life areas in Valencia.
  • 1 shower every 6 people.
Red Nest Youth Hostel is more than just a hostel to stay in Valencia. Red Nest Youth Hostel is an obligatory part of any visit to the city, it is part of the great experience of travelling, it is a memorable part of every trip. As someone once said: It is a shame there isnt a Nest Youth Hostel in every city I go to..

In our Youth Hostel we offer clean and cheap accommodation, in private or shared rooms and we are sure we have all the services, facilities and information about the city of Valencia that are needed so our guests dont have time to get bored either in the Youth Hostel or in Valencia. Furthermore, we are located right at the city center of Valencia, in one of most important streets as far as modernist architecture is concerned and our building is a good example of this 19th century Spanish art.

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Red Nest Hostel

Calle de la Paz, 36  46003, Valencia, Spain
Phone:+34 963 427 168


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